Support - Trinus Virtual Reality


Click the links below for instructions and troubleshooting on Trinus software.

General Notes

SteamVR detection problems: SteamVR may not detect the Trinus driver (throwing a 306, 108 or other error code)​

- Ensure SteamVR and Trinus are up to date

- Restart Steam and only start SteamVR after Trinus is running. Check that there's no SteamVR process (eg. VR Server) running after stopping SteamVR (you can view/end running processes from Windows Task Manager)

- Certain GPU drivers are known to cause problems. For Nvidia, versions 381.65 and 384.94 have been verified to work

No 3D depth / half image shown on each eye: 3D depth perception needs content to be in 3D SBS (Side by Side). This is the default for SteamVR (make sure you adjust the IPD to suit your eyes).

- If you see half image on one eye and the other half on other eye, the reason is because content is not SBS

Other notes

- First time SteamVR is started, you should run Room Setup

- Performance should be good when following the recommendations (and using capable enough hardware)

- You may need to run Trinus as administrator

- SteamVR can be installed via Steam>Library>Tools or by opening steam://run/250820 from the browser. Once installed, you'll need to go through the room setup process

- Some games may run better with SteamVR Beta activated

- Sometimes the SteamVR Dashboard Menu may interfere with your VR gaming session. You can disable it from SteamVR Settings>Developer>Uncheck Enable VR Dashboard

- Please refer to the help and troubleshooting sections available from the Trinus PC software. Most issues can be resolved following these.

- For further assistance, use the forum at or contact support at with all the details of the problem, error messages, hardware / software used and any other relevant information (eg. if it's a visual problem, provide a screenshot)