VR Conversion Feature - Trinus Virtual Reality

VR Conversion Feature

Immerse Into The Best Video Games Ever Made!

The VR Conversion in Trinus turns traditional flat/2D games into an immersive 3D experience

Headset rotations are converted into the mouse movements that the game expects

You can still use your mouse, for fine movements, adjusting the view and 2D menu navigation

The UI Mask feature repaints game UI elements (like a mini map or health bar) in a more readable location for VR

Trinus includes masks for popular games, but you can also create your own

The Cursor View feature lets you navigate easily through 2D menus, displaying the cursor area in the center of the VR view

Also, when enabled through a key press, the Cursor View mode ignores the headset sensors to avoid interference with regular mouse use

Click here for detailed instructions on how to use the Trinus VR Conversion feature