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Trinus gets rid of cables to deliver Virtual Reality on PC

By Mira Jurcova

November 29, 2018

Barcelona, Spain – Odd Sheep SL is launching new Trinus VR software to make Virtual Reality affordable and cable free.

Born from the collaboration between Odd Sheep and Intel®, Trinus VR connects Daydream (Google’s VR certified platform) to your VR ready PC to deliver a high quality, low latency experience. Without cables.

The key to mass adoption of Virtual Reality is price vs quality. With traditional PC headsets like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, the cost of entry is high. Mobile and Standalone VR however, offer a low budget VR approach, sacrificing quality. Trinus balances the best of PC and mobile VR to drive adoption through an immersive, low cost solution.

"Cables are going to be a major obstacle in the VR industry for a long time. Mobile VR will be successful long before PC VR goes wireless." - Palmer Lucky

Trinus VR offers a PC quality, tangle free Virtual Reality experience. Today.

The use of Google’s Worldsense tracking technology, combined with wireless streaming, also makes Trinus VR a great solution for VR Arcade venues, due to it’s lower setup and upkeep costs.

Odd Sheep is doing a Trinus VR Early Access launch on 30th of November.

Key Features:

- Wireless VR experience

- Optimised for Intel® chipsets to perform low latency streaming

- Uses Async Reprojection to further minimise perceived latency

- Up to 2560x1440 resolution at 75hz

- Supports two connected Daydream controllers

- Compatible with Lenovo Mirage Solo Worldsense tech, for full 6 degrees of freedom tracking

About Odd Sheep SL

Since releasing the world’s first smartphone PC VR solution in 2014, Odd Sheep has been perfecting Virtual Reality streaming, in its mission to deliver quality VR experiences that every wallet can afford.

Founder Xavier Selva originally created Trinus as a pet project for more immersive PC flight simulation sessions, using a smartphone and Google’s simple Cardboard VR solution.

Its existing software, Trinus VR for Cardboard has been used by more than a million gamers.

Meanwhile, Trinus PSVR, which allows connecting Sony’s headset to PC has been installed by more than 300,000 gamers worldwide.




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